(These codes will be detailed for you later)

1. Fil a lang

(The dark skin female must beware when she is being taunted to fall prey to single motherhood and faced with males who will never really love her--faced with fil-a-lang. This is especially relevant abroad where we are faced with slavery)

The sad thing is despite it all, black women are still destroying others, still enslaving each other because they hate their own image so much. I must mention how just the other day, I overheard a woman destroying another to a yellow man. "Li gin je pou ou" she told the man will loudly crunching on chips and dipping her hand in a bag for for. "Li rinminw" she continued, as if she had stolen the other woman's inner most thoughts and was now broadcasting what could have been a minutes thought, if even, to destroy, ravage and enslave another female.
1b. Bay envi
2. Fe We
3. Fe Jalou
4. Fe Louanj
5. Gate San
6. Rele
7. Voye Point
(send subliminal messages)
8. Surpriz san habitud
9. Maron
10. Mepriz
11. Fe wount
--Publicly humiliate
12. Never speak one on one with that person.
If so, only via a phone call to hang up the phone on them
13. Isolate and exclude
--that way you control knowledge of the victim. only bear bad news to disturb and control that individuals spirit
14. Create a dispicable image of a beast
which survives by never givin the opportunity of friendship 15. Use of whatever method will destroy the ability to make friends so that the truth will never be spoken.
16. Before freedom of speech is taken,
pretend not to understand the plead of the oppress
17. Never talk of happy things
around that person, only of death and other's pain. Let them focus on who's worse off
18. Zombify
by focusing soley on the Bible for speach and language, only on Christ for friend--Use of religion to kill those they don't want in society--in creole, retire su moun.
19. Make fun of
20. Pretend to be Christian
so your actions are not doubted and use Biblical language to control.
21. when all else fails,
call those dark women you don't like lesbians and men, especially if they start restoring themselves by working hard like men to put their heads up. It's interesting, my dark skinned god-mother and several other such dark colored Haitian women are living under the slave conditions I've depicted, but yet are denying it. Let's examine fil-a-lang further. In Haitian culture, since being dark skinned practically means being born into slavery, fil-a-lang starts at birth.
1. In early childhood,
the child is taunted other other kids toys which she can never afford. I was also taunted with other girls' fathers who were not mine. I recall how other girls had a pappy, and I, the unpriviledged did not.
2. In teenage years,
you are taunted with other kids' friends. I recall the phone calls that were never mine even though teenagers were know to be phone addicts since it is the age to be replete with friends. I could only dream of being in the world on the cover of foreign language books where girls were surrounded by friends. THat was not my world.
3. During young adulthood,
you are taunted with the compliments that young men give to girls they thought were pretty which was, off course, never you.
4. Later, in young adulthood,
you are taunted with other women's husbands and you knew you were not the type any man would want to marry. As it is, you were not even Haitian in their eyes, but African--for you were to black to be Haitian.
5. In adulthood,
If you refuse to validate their attempt to call you a tramp at their leisure by being turned into a "Baby mama", women will flaunt their babies in front of your face. I was always cautious to stay far from people who had their babies call me auntie. I thank my creator for having watched over me to make sure I was always in the presence of kids as not to feel deprived.
6. I predict that in adulthood,
they plan to use their grandchildren to practice their fil-a-lang.
Don't be shocked if you start experiencing strange phenomena when you fight back.